When you’re a fearless survivor of a broken home, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Gatineau-born, triple-threat talent known as Mayou is one such force: a bilingual pop singer and songwriter, choreographer, actress and drop-dead beauty.


Mayou starting out in musical theatre. By the age of 15, Mayou, the youngest of three daughters, was already working two jobs and training intensely throughout Canada and the US. By the time she graduated high school, Mayou had been teaching and managing a dance Academy and training with Celine Guidon, one of Ottawa's best vocal coaches.


Training to become the best earned Mayou many diplomas, a scholarship and entry to the prestigious University of Randolph performing arts in Toronto which specializes in triple threat talent.

After relocating to Toronto Mayou became known for her unforgettable stage performances and developed a name for herself throughout the Canadian Entertainment scene. Mayou choreographed and shared the stage with many major recording artists and has also been a part of numerous Television, concert and music events.


After collaborating with other artists she teamed up with multi-platinum award winning music producers to explore her own sound. In February 2015 she released her debut single "Anything For Your Love" which was featured in the box office movie Dr. Cabbie.

Mayou found her escape and her true self in the power of music. 













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Creating is my drug.









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